News & Site Updates


13th May 2017: Payment System Overhauled

We're still using the excellent Stripe to process our monthly subscriptions, but we've now reimplemented our payment system.

We can now track failing subscriptions in real-time, and allow users to see precisely what they're being billed for.

Take a look at your own subscription details.


18th September 2016: Improved Onboarding

To ease new users the signup-process has been improved, rather than starting with an empty git repository each user will start with one populated with example files.

The post-signup workflow has been updated to guide users through the two-step process of configuring an SSH key and accessing their repository.


6th August 2016: Email Notifications

Despite the lack of updates to our news page things have been slowly updated and improved here.

One recent change added support for explicit notification options.


27th December 2015: DNS Wizard

We've put together a simple online DNS wizard which allows you to generate a basic set of DNS-records for use with our service. This might be useful if zone-file documentation is a little overwhelming.


30th September 2015: Git Hosting

We can now host your repository as a git "remote", allowing you to instantly configure a new repository post-signup, without any need to configure a webhook.

This also allows your main repository to be hosted anywhere, as we no longer have to support all the different webhook formats that are used by different git-hosting services.

You can read here how to convert to using a new git-remote.


16th September 2015: Online Validator Added

There is now an online validator, which allows you to test that the records you're uploading parse as you expect.

This parser will allow you to test changes if you're at all unsure about the correct syntax of our zone format.