Service Overview

Our service allows your DNS records to be hosted upon Amazons Route53 infrastructure, which gives you the benefit of DNS-servers located in multiple geographical areas, offering high availability and low-latency replies.

Your records can be updated as frequently as you like, via a simple "git push", avoiding the need to integrate more tightly with the Amazon API, and giving you the advantage of complete revision history for your records.

Configure an SSH key

Once you have registered an account with us you'll need to upload an SSH key, which will allow you to access your hosted git repository.

With a key uploaded you can clone the repository which was created when you registered.

Update your git repository

If you've registered an SSH key you can then clone your git repository, which is where your DNS data will be stored.

You should add your own DNS zones by creating a new file for each domain beneath the top-level zones/ directory. This is documented in the zone layout page.

Once you run "git push" your DNS data will be processed, and your changes will become visible.

If you wish you can examine our sample repository, which shows how things work.

Update the nameservers of your domains

Once you've pushed your repository you should see the results upon this site, if you're signed in.

Your domain-list will show you the name-servers you should configure for each domain, allowing your records to be visible to the world.