Git-based DNS Hosting

Imagine if updating your DNS records was easy as running "git push"?

Imagine if your clients had super-fast DNS responses from geographically distributed and redundant nameservers?

  • We leverage the power of Amazon's Route53 infrastructure to provide you git-based DNS hosting
    • You maintain your systems and we'll make managing your DNS painless.
    • We support A, AAAA, CNAME, MX, TXT, SRV, and NS records.
    • With TTL as low as 60 seconds your changes can be instant.
  • Because your DNS records are stored using git you'll have a complete revision history.
    • (For example allow multiple departments to manage their own records, with full accountability.)


Highly Available

The DNS servers we use are located in multiple geographical locations, and support redundancy via anycast.

The DNS servers are distributed across numerous TLDs to cope with potential outages.

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Fixed Pricing

Our pricing is based solely on the number of zones you have hosted.

This means you're not charged by lookup-volume, or update-frequency.

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We update your DNS values when you run "git push" operation, from a supported Git-host.

Use different repositories for different departments, and still maintain full accountability with your revision history.

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